Promotional – BBVA Compass Reward Points Customer Access

BBVA Compass Reward Points Customer Access:

  • BBVA Compass Reward recipients can access their accounts through the main rewards website by providing their username and password associated with their account
  • If you are not yet registered with Compass rewards you can easily register through the rewards website by navigating to the register link and completing the requested information
  • To create a new account you will need to provide some standard contact information but will also need your BBVA Compass Card Number before your account can be set up
  • Once you have set up your new account you can manage your account settings and view you Compass Reward account information

CompassPoints are are a rewards program provided to customers with eligible BBVA Compass Accounts.  The rewards program allows customers to accrue points which can then be used for various reward options through the redemption process.  Your points will be added to your rewards account once you have earned points through qualifying purchases and reward offers.  Once you have earned points you can then redeem them and enjoy special offers available through the rewards program.

BBVA Compass provides banking options, credit card options, and many other financial services.  If you have a credit card account with BBVA Compass you can check with your customer reps to see if you account is eligible for the CompassPoints Rewards program.  In addition to credit cards, BBVA also provides loan services such as mortgages, checking and savings accounts, and investment options.

More Information Regarding the BBVA CompassPoints Reward Program:

  • When registering for the first time you will need to provide a valid email address which will be used for future electronic correspondence for your account
  • During the registration process you can select what form of communication you prefer to use for correspondence
  • Once your account is registered you can easily access your account 24/7 through your online access


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