Promotional Sweeps – Green Dot Thank God Its Wednesday Instant Win Game

Green Dot Thank God Its Wednesday Instant Win Game:

  • Greendot Cardholders can participate in the Thank God Its Wednesday Instant Win Game by visiting the sweepstakes website which allows customers to participate in the contest
  • Every Wednesday during the promotional period, cardholders who earn “spins” will be eligible to win $500 and there will be a total of 500 winners during the contest period
  • Cardholders can earn spins to win in a variety of ways including participation in the ASAP Direct Deposit and even by simply using your card to make purchases
  • This promotion is intended to recognize the ASAP Direct Deposit feature being promoted by Greendot which can allow some cardholders to receive payment up to 2 days earlier

Many workers are used to getting paid on Fridays.  This is one reason why some people like to use the old expression “thank god its Friday”.  Greendot is aiming to provide workers payment up to two days earlier through their ASAP Direct Deposit feature available to cardholders.  The payment time will depend on your employers payment process and timing but many Greendot customers who participate in this program could see their paycheck as much as two days earlier available on their prepaid card.  The Greendot Promotion is available to customers who are signed up for the ASAP Direct Deposit as well as customers who make purchases during the sweepstakes period.

More Information Regarding The Thank God Its Wednesday Greendot Promotion:

  • If you are not enrolled in Direct Deposit you can sign up by visiting the link on the promotional page – your Greendot Account information will be needed to sign up
  • Direct deposits of $200 or more will be eligible for 5 spins and making a purchase on your card will be eligible for 1 spin
  • To start spinning you will need to provide the last 4 digits of your Greendot Card Account number and your email address


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