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MShare Survey Peter Piper Pizza

The Peter Piper customer survey seeks to collect feedback from clients regarding their experience with food chain. The customers can give feedback on a range of issues regarding the food chain’s corporate office or a store in any of its locations.

How To Take The Survey

  • The survey starts with a choice of what the feedback pertains to; whether the corporate office, or a specific store in Arizona, New Mexico, California, or Texas*
  • The second part of the survey, for both corporate and specific store options, involves selection of whether the feedback you wish to provide is a compliment, suggestion, concern or something else
  • Basically, feedback under each of these categories can relate to menu items, ingredients, price, accuracy, store locations, wait time, order accuracy, cleanliness, Game Area, staff, service, nutrients, and so forth
  • This part also has a small box where you get to type in the actual feedback

On the last part of the Peter Piper Pizza survey customers will have to choose whether or not they would like someone from Peter Pizza to contact in regards to the feedback.**

Who Can Take The Survey?

The survey is intended for anybody who has had contact with Peter Piper Pizza’s corporate office or specific store, which mostly consists of customers.

What Is Needed?

Generally, to take the survey, all that is needed is an experience with any of the food store’s services, and an active Internet connection.

Peter Piper Pizza Who IS?

  • Pizza restaurant featuring playground equipment and classic arcade games
  • Founded in 1973 in the Phoenix are by Tony Cavolo
  • Owned and operated by CEC Entertainment, Inc.

PPP strives to provide a FUN, family atmosphere by providing large dining rooms (kids need lots of space to run around in), vintage games (i.e. skee ball) and even slides and tunnels in select locations.  Peter Piper Pizza offers chicken wings, salads, bread sticks AND obviously beer to keep the parents calm.

*At this time Peter Piper Pizza has no plans to expand outside the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or California

**If choosing this option customers will be required to leave a call back phone number in which a Peter Piper customer care agent can reach them at

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