Promotional – Bayer Advanced Rebate Center

Bayer Advanced Rebate Center:

  • Bayer Advanced products may be eligible for customer rebates after purchase through the main rebate page which includes rebate submission and rebate tracking tools
  • To begin the rebate process you will need to select the rebate submission tab and then will be navigated to a page will which require you to enter your rebate promo code to continue
  • To track your previously submitted rebate offer you can select the track rebate option from the main page and then enter your last name, house number, and zip code to retrieve status
  • If you are having trouble submitting a rebate or tracking the status of a rebate you can select the live chat option which is located on the main page for customer service

Bayer Advanced products eligible for rebates include a many of their popular items for lawn care and lawn health.  If you have recently purchased a Bayer Advanced product you can find if your purchase is eligible for a rebate through the main rebate webpage.  If you are attempting to view other sections of the Bayer Advanced website you can easily navigate away from the rebate page by selecting any of the tabs located on the webpage.

If you receive a rebate card during your purchase you can find the instructions for completing your rebate online.  Another important piece of information is also found on this form.  Your rebate code will be located on the rebate slip and an example of where to find this can be viewed when entering your rebate information.

More Information Regarding the Bayer Advanced Rebate Process:

  • When a rebate as been enter you may not be able to track your rebate until the rebate has been processed at which point you can track your rebate progress
  • Your rebate submission form will be needed to complete a rebate submission – your unique rebate code will be found on this form