Promotional Tech – Earning Free Microsoft Rewards

Earning Free Microsoft Rewards:

  • Microsoft Rewards is a program which encourages users to browse, search and shop using Microsoft platforms – each of these activities allows the user to earn reward points
  • Reward points can be redeemed for a large variety of content through the Microsoft rewards program – once you have earned enough points for a particular reward you can redeem points
  • Two of the primary methods of earning rewards are essentially passive – members earn rewards by browsing the internet through the Microsoft Edge browser and searching using Bing
  • One very important thing to note with the Microsoft Rewards program is that you need a Microsoft account and must be logged in to your account to accrue reward points

Microsoft is a giant in the computer industry for good reason – they are among the first pioneers of computing and have established themselves as a household name which has become synonymous with cutting edge technology.  There are many companies competing for internet users and as an incentive to consumers, Microsoft has introduced a rewards program which allows individuals to earn points which can be redeemed for media content such as movies, games, apps, and music.  The best part of this rewards program is that if you already have a Microsoft Account (Outlook, Xbox Live, Windows Phone Users, etc. are all examples of possible accounts with Microsoft), all you need to do is log in and use the Microsoft internet browsing platform “Edge” or search through Bing to begin your reward accrual.

Additional Information about Microsoft Rewards:

  • In addition to media content, members can also use their rewards points to make purchases through the Microsoft Store for hardware items
  • Reward seekers can also participate in quizzes and other incentives (emails can be sent to alert of possible reward available so be on the look out)
  • Purchases made through the Microsoft Store will also add to your Microsoft reward balance


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