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AT&T U-Verse Online

  • Get the ultimate TV package with U-verse
  • Watch TV on anywhere, anytime
  • Manage your U-verse account online

With the merging of AT&T and DIRECTV, we are at the convergence point of home entertainment and mobile technology. Now, folks can take advantage of this revolution by signing up for U-verse, AT&T’s all-in-one solution to provide their customers with more entertainment options than ever before. Through this service, folks can merge their mobile device, cable package and high speed Internet together to form the most accessible entertainment package around. That means over 630 apps and programs to choose from all tailored to the customer’s specific tastes. People can choose from a number of different packages to suit most budgets and preferences, and they can manage every aspect of their account online.

Some features on offer from the various U-verse packages

  • Total Home DVR for life
  • Free access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot network
  • Make and receive calls via Internet
  • Stream movies, live TV and sporting events
  • Free year of Amazon Prime
  • Speeds up to 18Mbps

Folks can choose from plans starting at just $49.99. Many of these packages include Amazon Prime and HBO, and U-verse members can watch their favorites shows while on the move via HBO Go. Those who do opt for U-verse will need to sign a one-year contract, and geographic and service restrictions do apply. Early termination fees do apply for those U-verse members who cancel their contract before the end of the term. Those who sign up for U-verse before 11/14/15 are eligible for a $100 reward card.

Contacting AT&T

  • 800-331-0500