Lawsuit – Nutro Ultra Dog Food Class Action

Nutro Ultra Dog Food Class Action

  • Provides infor regarding the Monteleone v. The Nutro Company class action lawsuit
  • Submit your claim form online
  • Class members are those who purchased certain Ultra brand dog kibble and dog biscuits between 4/1/07 and 6/30/09

The Nutro Ultra Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit was filed on behalf of the plaintiff and accuses the Nutro company of mislabeling certain dog food and dog kibble products. The lawsuit alleges that Nutro sold their products with a label stating “guaranteed analysis” as to the amount of Bacillus Species contained therein. The suit alleges that the amount of Bacillus, a bacterium, was misrepresented. It’s crucial to note the court has not found in favor of either party, and Nutro insists that at no time were any animals in danger from consuming their products. They maintain that even if the allegation were proved true, it would only signify that an additive was missing from their dog kibble and dog biscuit products.

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  • Deadline to submit a claim form is 10/18/15
  • Deadline to submit an objection is 10/18/15
  • Exclude yourself from the claim and retain your legal rights as well as the right to file a separate lawsuit
  • Exclusion request deadline is 10/18/15
  • Fairness hearing takes place on 12/7/15

Nutro has agreed to a settlement that offers either a $2.00 check or $5.00 gift certificate to Class Members. On top of this, Nutro has offered to pay attorneys’ fees in an amount not to exceed $375,000.00. Those who are interested in making a claim can do so online by visiting the promotional page. (See below) Class Members must be residents of the United States.

Contacting Nutro Dog Food Class Action