Lawsuit – Michael Kors Outlet Pricing Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Claim Form

Michael Kors Outlet Pricing Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Claim Form

  • Offers details about the Gattinella v. Michael Kors (USA), Inc., et al. class action lawsuit
  • Fill out a claim form online
  • Settlement class members include anyone who, between 7/25/2010 and 7/25/14, purchased an item from a Michael Kors outlet store showing “MSRP” and “Our Price” on the sales tag

The promotional website (see below) was created to provide Settlement Class members with information regarding the Michael Kors litigation. The Plaintiff alleges that Michael Kors mislabeled certain products in its outlet stores during the timeframe outlined above. A settlement fund of $4,875,000 has been established, and Class Members who submit a valid claim form will receive a percentage from this fund. Percentage is determined on a points system. For example, class members who spent less than $200 on Michael Kors products during the Settlement Period will receive one point, whereas those who spent more will receive more points.

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  • Deadline to request exclusion is 12/8/15
  • Settlement objection deadline is 12/8/15
  • Final approval hearing is 1/7/16
  • Claim verification form deadline has yet to be decided

Members of the Settlement Class have guaranteed legal rights as it pertains to this case. For example, those who wish to receive a settlement check must fill out and submit a claim form. Once the court approves the settlement, you will receive a payment check. Those who wish to bring a separate lawsuit against Michael Kors may do so, but they must first remove themselves from the Settlement Class. The court welcomes objections and questions of fairness regarding the settlement. Members of the settlement class who wish to voice their concerns can do so, provided it is before the deadlines outlined above.

Contacting Michael Kors litigation

  • Michael Kors Outlet Litigation, PO Box 3127, Portland, OR 97208-3127