Financial – KeyBank Key2Benefits Card Access

KeyBank Key2Benefits Card Access:

  • KeyBank issued Key2Benefits Card Holders can access the cardholder website by visiting the main Key2Benefits page and provided the requested information
  • In order to access the cardholder website you will need to provide the first 9 digits of your Key2Benefits card and then click the submit button which will direct you to the proper page
  • Once you have provided the first 9 digits of your card you will be directed to a secure website which will then require you to create a username and password
  • After you have set up a username and password you can then access your Key2Benefit online account which will provide you with your account information and transaction details

Your Key2Benefits card works as a debit card which allows you to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  In addition to in store purchases, you can also use your card to make purchases online or even over the phone.  Your Key2Benefits card also can function as a debit card when it comes to ATM withdraws once you have enrolled your card online and set up a PIN number.  When making debit based purchases with your card (for instance, to request cash back) you will also need to provide your PIN number at that time.

Your Key2Benefits card will be loaded with funds when the administer of your card does so.  Users can sign up for alerts which can provide text or email notices when funds have been added to your card.  Users can sign up for alert options when they have accessed and registered their card online.

More Highlights Regarding the Key2Benefits Account Access and Card Features:

  • The Key2Benefits website is available in English and Spanish – the language can be switched between the two by selecting which language your desire on the language link
  • For cardholders who are attempting to make a purchase in excess of their card funds you will need to use two payment methods and charge a specific amount to their Key2Benefits Card