Educational Financial – Savella Patient Savings Card Activation

Savella Patient Savings Card Activation:

  • This website is designed for patients who have a doctor prescribed prescription for Savella – an SSRI which is prescribed to treat conditions which can only be diagnosed by a physician
  • In order to activate your savings card you will need to provide all of the information which is requested in the activation form including name, email address, and date of birth
  • This card allows consumers to save on prescriptions filled for Savella using the savings card plan – this card is only eligible for certain insurance plans and eligible patients
  • The first $25 of the prescription fulfillment will be responsible to be paid for by the patient and the additional cost can be offset to ensure patients expense does not exceed $50

For prescription drugs which are taken on a regular basis many companies provide savings programs to allow better access to the prescription.  One very contentious issue which currently exists in the drug industry and is rapidly spilling over in to the political arena is the cost of prescription drugs.  This is a very complicated issue but the fact remains that many prescription medications can be cost prohibitive to many of the patients who need them most.  Fortunately, programs such as this have been designed to help individuals meet the cost of fulfilling their prescription drug expenses.  This program is designed for patients who are not insured by a state insurance provider (such as Medicare or Medicaid).  This program is also not designed for patients whose prescription is fully covered by their current plan.

Additional Information about the Savings Card Program and Activation:

  • This program is for USA and Puerto Rico residents who are at least 18 years of age
  • The card is designed to cover 12 fulfilled prescriptions which are a 30 day supply for each fulfilled prescription


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