Financial – LightStream Personal Loans

LightStream Personal Loans:

  • Potential loan customers can visit the LightStream Loan Application page to learn about the loan process (applying through decision) and read information regarding loan options
  • LightStream provides loans to individuals (ie: personal loans) these are not designed to be business loans which is why you will be providing information regarding your credit state
  • As with all loans, you will need to prove your sufficient credit in order to be eligible for a loan through LightStream – this will require a review of your credit history and score
  • If a consumers chooses to apply for a loan with LightStream they will be guided through the application process providing their loan info, persona info, and security info before submitting

LightStream is a division of Sun Trust Bank which provides personal loan options for consumers which can help cover common reasons for applying for personal loans such as high interest credit card debt, unexpected home or medical expenses, or a variety of other reasons.  Before applying for any loan you must consider if the loan will be a smart financial decision which is why you should also review your interest rates and monthly payments prior to accepting any loan offer.

Beginning the loan application with LightStream will require you to provide some basic information such as loan amount, loan term, loan purpose, and how you plan to pay (invoice or auto pay – more on this in a minute).

Here Is More Information Regarding LightStream Personal Loans and Application Process:

  • Consumers have the option to select auto payments for their loans which means payment will be automatically deducted from your account each much providing a significant .5% interest saving
  • If you already have a personal loan with LightStream and you are trying to access you account you can visit the sign in link and access your account online with your User ID and password