Promotional – Citi ThankYou Points Transfer Rewards Program

Citi ThankYou Points Transfer Rewards Program:

  • Citi Credit Card holders who receive ThankYou points through their reward program can visit the main transfer site to learn about ThankYou point transfer point opportunities
  • A full list of transfer options is available on the main transfer page and feature the transfer loyalty programs available to ThankYou Point Rewards participants
  • Through September 20th, 2017 ThankYou points can be transferred for 2 Hilton Honor Points for each ThankYou point redeemed – this is a promotional offer which will expire
  • ThankYou point transfer options can be sorted to select the transfer you are most interested in such as Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, or Retail options

The ThankYou Rewards Program is available to Citi Card holders with participating credit cards and reward programs.  The ThankYou Points program allows customers to earn points and redeem for rewards such as retail gift cards, airfare options, and travel rewards.  In addition to redeeming your points for rewards such as the aforementioned categories, Citi ThankYou Rewards also has participating partners which allow customers to transfer points to programs they most desire.

By visiting the main transfer page, consumers can review the complete list of transfer options available to Citi ThankYou point holders.  The Hilton Honors point promo is available through 9/20/17 and provides additional rewards at a rate of 1000 ThankYou Points for 2000 Hilton Honor Points (previously 1000 ThankYou points was worth 1500 Hilton Honor Points).

More Highlights Regarding the ThankYou Point Transfer Program:

  • Consumers who need additional help learning how to transfer their points have a live chat option available through the main transfer page
  • Transfer exchange points vary by your reward program so to see the exact conversion rate you will need to log in to your account
  • To sign in to your account you can either use your Citi Account Credentials or your ThankYou Account Credentials through the sign on link located on the transfer page