Credit – Citi New Card Verification and Activation

Citi New Card Verification and Activation

  • On this website consumers can activate new Citi Credit Cards
  • Once your online account is activated, your oline account can be created to enjoy the perks of being a Citi Cardholder Member
  • Depending on your card, you may elect various reward programs such as cash back credit cards, reward points, and more

CitiBank has established itself as a leader in the credit card industry, offering consumers a wide range of products and services that best fit their needs.  Whether one is looking for a low interest credit card such as the Citi Diamond Preferred, a cash back credit card such as the Citi Double Cash, or a rewards card such as the Citi Thank You Preferred, CitiBank has you covered.  Once you have received your new card you will need to activate your card which will required the following:

To active your new card you will need:

  • The full credit card number as listed on  your new card
  • The cardholder’s full name as it appears on the card
  • The security code which appears on the card
  • The last four digits of the cardholders social security number

In addition to the card options discussed above, Citi provides other benefits to cardholders of all type including $0 Liability on any unauthorized charge, extended warranties on purchases and purchase protection assurances.  Citi offers 24/7 customer service to all card members for prompt and reliable assistance in the event your card may be lost or stolen.

As with all lines of credit, your interest rate and total credit available will be determined by a host of factors including your credit score.  It is recommended to all consumers to understand their credit profile before applying to any new line of credit.

Contacting Citi Bank

  • 1-800-374-9700