Educational – Bass Pro Shop and Cabela Together Information

Bass Pro Shop and Cabela Together Information:

  • Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have recently joined in to a single company as Bass Pro Shop acquired Cabela’s – you can learn about how this change will affect your experience on the main information page
  • One important thing to know right off the bat is that both stores will be retaining their current names – Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s will still feature the same store names at their respective locations
  • For customers who have existing gift cards with either store you will be relieved to know that your gift card can easily be exchanged for equal value of the other store gift card brand
  • Other in store services such as returns will also be able to be down between locations – Bass Pro Purchases can be returned at Cabela’s and vice versa for customer convenience

The merger of two outdoor sports giants is sure to create many questions for fishing and hunting enthusiasts across the country.  Now that Bass Pro and Cabela’s are operating in many ways as a single company you can visit the main information page to learn about how they will work together.  One very important question Cabela’s customers may have been wondering is what will happen with their Cabela Club Visa Cards – the store branded card for Cabela’s.  For the time being, no changes will happen to the card and you will still earn 1% rewards on Bass Pro Purchases.  Conversely, Bass Pro Outdoor Rewards MasterCard holders will earn 1% back at Cabela’s (no additional bonus for using either card at the other location but current rewards are still in affect for their associated location).

More Details Regarding the Bass Pro and Cabela’s:

  • The Bass Pro and Cabela lines of branded merchandise are currently being offered as they were before and no change is currently set otherwise
  • If you still need additional help or have further questions you can find the main customer support information located on the Together page