Credit Financial – Nation Wide Bank Credit Card Activation

Nation Wide Bank Credit Card Activation:

  • Nation Wide Bank Customers can easily activate their new credit card online by visiting the main activation page and logging in to your online account to activate your card
  • For customers who have received their new credit card but have not yet signed up for an online account you will need to register with Nation Wide Bank Online to verify your account
  • If you are logging in, simply provide your username and password to access your account otherwise begin the registration process which will require identity verification for security
  • First time enrollment will require you to provide your social security number, your last name and your date of birth – this allows Nation Wide Bank to verify your account for future use

Many Banks and Credit Card issuers are enhancing security by providing their customers with chip enabled credit cards.  These cards are safer due to the extra security measures provided when using a chip enabled card.  If you have received a new credit card from Nation Wide Bank that requires activation the easiest way to do so is online (no need to pick up a phone when you take care of things like this online).

Once you are logged in to your Nation Wide Bank account online you will have full access to your account information and settings including past transactions, current balance, credit limit available and confirmation of receipt of your new card.

Additional Details Regarding The Nation Wide Bank Credit Card and Activation:

  • For additional information about the credit card issued by Nation Wide Bank you can visit the Visa Credit Card link on the activation page
  • Nation Wide Bank credit cards provide customers with 1% cash back on all purchases as well as special financing offers for eligible purchases
  • For logging in to accounts other than your credit card account you can select the account through the drop down menu to access the appropriate account