Credit – United Club Mileage Plus Credit Card

United Club Mileage Plus Credit Card:

  • There are multiple Mileage Plus credit cards which provide a range of features and benefits for cardholders but at the top of the line is the Club Card which is the exclusive Mileage Plus Card
  • Currently, new cardholders who are approved for a card can benefit from a 50,000 Bonus Mileage Offer to the Mileage Plus Account – spending threshold must be met in required time to qualify
  • One of the most revered perks of the Club Card is cardholder access to United Clubs across the world (plus eligible guests!) – the United Clubs are featured at airports in the USA and abroad
  • The miles you earn for your Mileage Plus account do not expire as long as you have an active account in good standing this means you can travel on your terms and no one else’s

The Club Card is offered for Mileage Plus members who are looking for a premium travel rewards card.  There is an annual fee associated with this card but right off the bat new customers can currently take advantage of the 50k miles offer.  To get the bonus miles you must be sure you meet the requirements which require cardholders to spend $3,000 on their new card within the first three months of opening their new account.

Cardholders will also enjoy no foreign transaction fees and earn 1.5 miles for each dollar spent on their card allowing them to earn United Airfare faster then ever.  Cardholders can jet off to their favorite destination that United flies to using their earned points.

Additional Details Regarding the Mileage Plus Club Card:

  • Cardholders of the Club Card receive a free first and second checked bag – other Mileage Plus cards provide 1 free checked bag
  • To apply you can follow the Apply Now link to complete the application process and determine if you will be approved for the new card