Educational – Progressive Snapshot Vehicle Fit Guide

Progressive Snapshot Vehicle Fit Guide:

  • Progressive Insurance Customers who have requested to take part in the Driver Snapshot Program can visit the Snapshot fit guide webpage to find instructions for installation
  • Installation instructions may vary by the type of vehicle – to begin the process you will need to provide the Make, Model, Year, and Body Type of your vehicle
  • Once you have selected the type of vehicle you will be fitting your Progressive Snapshot device to you can then submit the selection and will be directed to a page specific to your car
  • The following page will provide a schematic of your vehicle with the OBD-II port area highlighted in green – this is the location you will install your device

The Progressive Snapshot device allows safe drivers to provide Progressive with information regarding their driving habit.  Information can be collected using the device which can be used by Progressive to indicate if you may qualify for lower rates.  While it is difficult to say for certain what type of information may lead to reduced rates it is likely that things such as how often your are driving your vehicle and the time of day your are driving your vehicle.

Progressive is an insurance companies which provides consumers with auto insurance, property insurance (such as home and renters insurance), boat insurance, and more.  The option to use their driver snapshot program has been featured in ad campaigns and represents an opportunity for safer/lower risk drivers to potential save more on their insurance needs.

Additional Progressive Snapshot Details:

  • The Snapshot device can be self installed using the online guide – in addition to the schematic that shows the location, you can also selected to view a photo of the OBD-II Port for your vehicle
  • Using the Snapshot device from Progressive is not a requirement but is an opportunity to potentially save money based on your personal driving habits
  • If you are having difficulty installing your device you can contact Progressive for additional resources and assistance