Credit – Verify Receipt of New Chase Credit Cards

Verify Receipt of New Chase Credit Cards:

  • Login to your Chase online account to confirm receipt of your new card – if no account has been created consumers can set up their account through this website
  • Once your online account has been created cardholders can view balances, offers, and pay bills online through your chase account once activating your new card
  • Setting up a new account requires your credit card information and you will also need to create a user specific account ID and password once your information has been provided
  • Once your card is activated your are ready to begin making purchases and enjoy the benefits of your new card

Chase Bank is one of the leading issuers of credit cards.  Consumers can choose from many credit card options such as the Chase Freedom which is a cash back card, the Chase Slate which is a low interest balance transfer card, or the Chase Sapphire Preferred which is a rewards card.  When applying for a new credit card the most important thing to consider is the type of credit card which would best suit your individual needs.

In order to enroll in a Chase Online Account you will need to provide you credit card account information as well as personal information such as your social security card – this is used to verify your identity and to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created.  Both personal accounts and business accounts can be set up through Chase Online Account Services.

Additional Information Regarding Chase Bank and Chase Credit Cards:

  • Consumers can choose from popular options such as the Chase Freedom Card (cash back), Chase Slate (Low interest and  balance transfers) and Chase Sapphire Preferred (rewards card)
  • Cardholders receive benefits of Chase Credit Cards such as 24 hour customer support and Zero Liability Fraud Protection in the case of fraudulent purchases


  • 1-800-432-3117