Financial – Multi-Currency Cash Passport

Cash Pass Port Travelex

  • Pay abroad using local currency with the Multi-Currency Cash Passport from Travelex
  • Pre-paid MasterCard can be reloaded at any time
  • Multi-Currency Cash Passport is chip and PIN secure.

Travelex has partnered with MasterCard to offer a pre-paid card that acts as a flexible wallet. Users can purchase this card online or in any Travelex store, and it can be used in ATMs worldwide to retrieve money in local currency. It can also be used to make purchases and dine out. Users can reload their cards online or by phone, and they carry multiple currencies on the same card. Wherever travelers see that MasterCard logo, the Multi-Currency Cash Passport MasterCard can be used. And just like any debit or credit card, holders of the Multi-Currency Cash Passport from MasterCard can fully manage their account online.

The Multi-Currency Cash Passport from MasterCard covers many currencies, including:

  • U.S. dollars
  • Canadian dollars
  • Australian dollars
  • British pounds
  • Euros
  • Mexican pesos
  • Japanese yen

The Multi-Currency Cash Passport is the best way for travelers to manage local currency all from one card. The card is flexible, meaning users can move from one national currency to another. For example, if a Multi-Currency Cash Passport cardholder is low on local currency, the card will select from one of the other currencies loaded on it. This will help the user cover his or her bill in the event of lack of funds. In these instances, however, a foreign exchange fee will be incurred. Also, cardholders cannot load U.S. dollars onto their MasterCard. Should the cardholder cancel his or her trip, it is possible to convert the already loaded funds into U.S. dollars, but a Currency Transfer Fee will apply.

Contacting Travelex

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