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Bank of American Unsecured Business Credit Offer

Bank of America provides clients with an a lending product called the Business Advantage Credit Line which offers unsecured lines of credit for businesses.  These credit lines are designed for businesses to have access to the funds needed to operate their company without providing collateral.  The offer is only available to Bank of America customers and during the application process you will need to log in to your online account in order to complete and submit your application.

Completing Your Business Application With Bank of America

If you received an offer for a line of credit with BoA you will be directed to the application website ( where you will need to log in to your Bank of America Online Account.  If you have never set up an online account with BoA you can enroll for online banking but you will need to provide account verification before receiving online banking access.  To enroll, customers will need to provide their account number and verify their account with their social security number.  After verification you will create a username and password to use to access your application.

During the application process for your line of credit you will need to have your business information available.  Customers will be required to provide the following:

  • The legal name of the business which will be receiving the credit line
  • The Tax Identification Number associated with your business
  • Financial details of your business including annual revenue and annual profit

After completing the application you will submit your information and you may then be contacted by a loan approval representative who will confirm any additional information required.  If you have other existing loans with BoA your application may take some additional time for review to confirm whether funds can be provided.

Benefits Offered By The Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Line

Businesses have many different options when it comes to finding the best way to access credit lines and the Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Line offers many attractive incentives for businesses.  Some of the highlights of the offer include:

  • No need for collateral to secure your loan
  • Application can be completed online within minutes
  • Lines of credit from $10,000 all the way up to $250,000
  • Funds are available fast and no cash advance fees
  • Payment credit when you sign up for Autopay

Additionally, some applicants will have the opportunity to apply with a special introductory fixed rate.  Many business will qualify for a 12 month intro rate of 2.99%.  After the introductory rate is complete, your rate will be based on the the rate information you were provided during your application and credit line acceptance process.

Final Thoughts On The Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Line

Businesses have many needs for capital including essential processes such as maintaining inventory or meeting payroll.  Whatever your need, if you are looking for a business credit line then it is going to be best to shop around and see what bank offers the best deal.  Ultimately, you are going to want to the offer which provides the best interest rate.  The BoA intro rate for the Business Advantage Credit Line is available for your first 12 billing cycles and will save business owners a lot of interest on their loan.  Overall, be sure to do your diligence and find what offers makes the most sense for you business.

Offer Website:

Apply By Phone:  866-953-2481