Educational Financial – Scottrade Getting Started Welcome Center

Scottrade Getting Started Welcome Center:

  • Scottrade users can visit this website to learn about getting their account up and running with Scottrade Financial Services
  • The first step to using your Scottrade account as outline on the website is that you will need to first provide funds – five options are available and are outlined
  • The welcome center also provides a brief FAQ to review some of the most commonly asked questions regarding funding and account and getting started with trading
  • Scottrade provides multiple funding options for same and next day account funding such as electronic transfers and check deposits

Scottrade is a large investment banking platform which allows customers to manage their funds and plan for retirement.  If you have recently set up an account with Scottrade the welcome center page is designed to get your account up and running.  Prior to funding a new account you will need to create an account with Scottrade and determine what method you will be using to deposit funds.  Once you have been assigned an account and an account number you can access your account to deposit money with the method which works best for you.

Electronic transfer is one of the most popular options for depositing money in to your account.  This process involves transferring money from an existing bank account in to your new Scottrade account.  One big bonus to using this method is that your funds will be available the same day your initiate the transfer so that you can begin using them immediately.

Additional Information about Scottrade Welcome Center:

  • If you are attempting to find a local consultant you can visit the link on the welcome center which will provide you with the Scottrade offices in your area
  • Scottrade provides a variety of trading platforms for customers which can be compared and selected based on the individuals trading goals


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