Credit – Experian Fraud Alert Center

Experian Fraud Alert Center:

  • If you need to add a fraud alert to your Experian credit report you can visit this webpage to access the fraud alert center to add or remove fraud alerts as necessary
  • In addition to adding and removing fraud alerts you can also review a copy of  your credit report and learn additional information about how to respond to credit fraud
  • Experian members who have an account username can follow the link on this page which will navigate them to the login page – username and password will be required to login
  • When adding a fraud alert you will need to provide a length of time you wish the alert to remain active and then proceed through the fraud alert submission form

If you have been a victim of credit fraud it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent this from having a negative impact on your credit score.  One of these steps is alerting the credit bureaus to the potential (or confirmed) fraud you have experienced.  By alerting the credit bureaus to potential fraud on your credit report you will be able to have a head start to resolving any fraudulent activity which has occurred in your name but was not done by you.

To complete a fraud alert you will need to provide personal information to verify your identity when reporting the fraud.  You will be asked to provide your Experian Credit Report number which can be found on your Experian Credit Report.  You will also need to provide you social security number, your phone number and a valid email address.

Additional Information about Experian Fraud Reporting:

  • If you are attempting to remove a fraud alert from your credit report you can select the remove option and will be provided a mail in form to complete to remove the alert
  • Federal law allows individuals to access their full credit report once a year for free but if you need to review your credit report more frequently this can also be completed through Experian


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