Credit – Equifax Free Trial Credit Score

Equifax Free Trial Credit Score:

  • Equifax credit monitoring service provides a free 7 day trial monitoring period for customers who choose to sign up for their Equifax Complete Premier
  • The Equifax Complete Premier service provides customers with credit monitoring, credit report access at any time as well as a three bureau credit score
  • Various credit reporting companies use different methods to report credit scores – this score will be reported using the Equifax method for determining credit scores
  • Once you have signed up you can cancel you subscription at any time but and your recurring monthly payment will be cancelled

Credit monitoring is becoming a very valuable tool for many consumers as we are getting more financial accounts and our information is available in more places.  Many people want to have protections in place in the event that they are exposed to possible credit fraud.  Additionally, many people wisely follow their credit report to make sure that they are staying on top of their credit profiles which is a very smart decision.

The Equifax Complete Premier program provides both credit monitoring as well as access to your credit report.  With these tools consumers can make sure they are staying on top of any negative mark which may turn up on their credit profile.  To achieve the best credit score, you will want to familiarize yourself with the factors that contribute to your score such as one time payments, low debt, and responsible use of credit.

Additional Information about Experian Complete Premier Free Trial:

  • After your 7 day free trial period the charge for this service is a monthly rate of $19.95
  • Customers can use an interactive score calculator, will have lost wallet protection, identity theft insurance, financial alerts and other services
  • Credit monitoring services will alert you to any unusual changes to your credit report which can help consumers stay on top of any activity that they did not authroirze