Credit Financial – Activating Your KeyBank Credit Card

Activating Your KeyBank Credit Card:

  • KeyBank Credit Card holders can visit this website to activate their new or re-issued credit card through KeyBank
  • In order to activate your card you will need to sign in to your KeyBank online banking account using your user ID and password
  • If you have not yet created an online banking account with KeyBank you can complete this prior to activating your new card by following the link to enroll in online banking
  • The Online Banking features with KeyBank allows customers to manage their accounts and access all of the online features provided through the service

KeyBank provides customers with a full range of online banking options but prior to being able to have access to the online banking you will need to create your account.  Once you have created an account you will have full access 24/7 with your user ID and password.  In order to create a new account for the first time you will first need to provide personal identity verification information including your social security number, your KeyBank account number and a valid email address.

If you already have a KeyBank Online Banking account you will need to log in to your account to activate your new credit card.  Once you have logged into you account you will need to select the credit card account you are attempting to activate.  You can then verify receipt of your new card in order to activate the card and make it ready for spending.

Additional Information about KeyBank Credit Card Activation:

  • Your KeyBank credit card will not be able to be used until you have successfully activated the card
  • There are a variety of cards offered such as the KeyBank Rewards Credit Card and the low interest KeyBank Latitude Credit Card – both can be activated through your online account


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