Credit Financial – Citi Card Refund Frequently Asked Questions

Citi Card Refund Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Customers who have received information or payment from a Citi Card Remediation Refund can visit the main FAQs page to learn additional details regarding the refund they received or may be eligible for
  • Many customers who were part of the Citi Identity Monitor or Watch Guard Preferred programs may have received a refund if the purchased these services and charges were applied to their account
  • There are multiple programs which are associated with this refund process and a full list of the programs can be found on the FAQs page which details who may have bee affected
  • An agreement was reached between Citi Card and some of their subsidiaries and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which agreed to the terms of the refund for consumers

Due to agreement reached between the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Citibank their has been refunds issued to many consumers who were enrolled in additional protection programs on their credit add on products.  The total amount of this agreement was estimated at $700 million and many consumers who are part of the agreement may have been notified with a refund check or with a refund statement on the card which was charged for the service which is now being refunded.   Between 2003 and 2012 up to 5 add ons may have been marketed to consumers which might be eligible for this agreed refund.

More Details Regarding the Citi Card Remediation FAQ Page:

  • Frequently asked questions are designed to provide consumers with answers to the most commonly inquired topics and a list of their questions can be found on the FAQ page
  • Answers regarding the affected programs can be viewed and consumers can learn about their options if their appears to be a mistake with the refund they received (such as an incorrect name, etc)
  • Your letter will provide information regarding the precise information as to how your refund was determined – the FAQ is for general inquiries