Survey – Premera Blue Cross Survey

Premera Blue Cross Survey:

  • Premera Blue Cross insureds can visits this website to provide customer feedback with recent experiences they have had using Premera services
  • This is a free response survey and insureds are encouraged to provide detailed information about the positives and any negative experiences they may have had
  • When filling out the survey, customers should not provide any personal health information in order to protect their privacy
  • You are also encouraged to provide your name and your email address in case Premera need to get in touch with your regarding your experience

Premera is a nonprofit health insurance company which is licensed by Blue Cross.  They have been providing health insurance coverage to for over 80 years.  In addition to health insurance, many of their customers also receive dental and vision insurance coverages through this nonprofit insurer.  If you have recently used services provided by your Premera Insurance you are invited to complete a customer survey to provide feedback regarding your recent experience.

Many large insurers are looking to provide better services for their insureds and one major way they are addressing this issue is by going straight to the individuals who are receiving the coverage.  These types of surveys provide invaluable information for businesses with ways to improve the product they offer – in this case, insurance needs.  Once you submit your feedback, Premera can review the positives and negative aspects of your experience and work to highlight the positives and fix any negatives.

Additional Information about Premera Blue Cross and Premera Listens:

  • To complete this survey you will need to use an internet enabled device as your submission will be completed over the web
  • If you need to view this survey in a different language (English is the default language when visiting this site) you can select the desired language at the bottom of the survey webpage