Educational – 14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit

14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit:

  • Consumers can visit this website to learn about various places to purchase the 14 Day Emergency Food Kit
  • Customers can purchase the kit directly through the website you are directed to or you can search for vendors near your zip code using the search function on the webpage
  • These kits are designed to have a very long shelf life (30 years plus) to allow for long term storage which can be used in cases where emergency food rations are necessary
  • The major benefit of these kits is that no extensive equipment is needed to prepare the food – simply add water and you have meals to satisfy your hunger

The 14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is a popular long term food storage option for individuals who are seeking to be prepared for situations in which food options may become scarce.  Many people are concerned that chaotic conditions could result in less readily available access to food.  Additionally, this type of food is used by people who travel to remote locations or spend significant time off the grid so to speak.

The kit provides a variety of options with breakfast and dinner meals.  Because these kits are designed to be able to be used in circumstances where amenities may not be available, consumers only need to add hot water to the packet and then wait for the meal to be ready at which point it can be eaten.

Additional Information about the 14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit: 

  • Each kit has 42 pouches for a total of 100 servings which are guaranteed to have a storage life of at least 30 years
  • Some customers purchase these products to prepare for worst case scenarios and other people buy these as a convenient food choice when they are in locations without easy access to food