Educational – MyLabCorp Employee Secure Login Portal

MyLabCorp Employee Secure Login Portal:

  • MyLabCorp Employees can visit this website to securely log in to their employee access account by providing their Employee ID and password
  • Access through the employee login portal is limited to employees with an active employee ID – patients trying to view test results will need to login through the main LabCorp webpage
  • If you are the spouse or domestic partner of a current LabCorp employee simply follow the link found on the employee webpage to be redirected to the appropriate page
  • Once an employee is logged in they can manage the features and settings made available to employees through the LabCorp employee access portal

LabCorp is a world leader in health care diagnostics and have lab locations across the country.  If you have been referred by a physician for a lab test it is very possible that they will refer to you a LabCorp location.  With their many locations and numerous employees, LabCorp offers the employee login portal to provide a convenient way for employees to access work related and benefit related items remotely 24/7.

LabCorp also provide a link on the employee login page for spouses and domestic partners of employees.  Many of the benefits provided to employees are also available to their spouses or partners.  Spouses can enroll in the Wellness Rewards program and have access to annual screenings as a way to stay ahead of their healthcare.

Additional Information Regarding the LabCorp Employee Login:

  • To reset your password you will be asked to provide your employee ID for verification and can then continue with the password recovery process
  • If you have made three unsuccessful login attempts your account will be locked out of your account for protection and will need to contact the IT department to reset
  • Login will not be possible without your employee ID – if you do not know how to access your employee ID you will need to contact your supervisor