Educational – Walmart Associate Home Page and Login Portal

Walmart Associate Home Page and Login Portal:

  • Walmart One is Walmart’s associate home page where employees can visit to stay update on the latest news and information regarding Walmart domestically and internationally
  • For employees who already have registered with Walmart One, simply navigate to the link which will bring you to the employee log in portal where you will need to provide your ID and password
  • If you have not yet registered with Walmart One you can also visit the registration page – you will need to your Walmart Identification Number (WIN) in order to create a new profile
  • This website also features up to date stories and news regarding Walmart employees across the globe and provides employees with resources all in one easy to use website

Walmart employees make up a very big portion of the national work force as Walmart is the biggest in store retailer in the country.  Employees can visit this website to access their employee login page.  In order to register you will need your WIN as well as  your date of hire, birthday and email address.  Once you have registered you can log in to your account anytime by visiting the login page and providing your log credentials.

Associates can navigate to various tabs which reflect information relevant to employment at Walmart including information regarding employee health, employee work profile and information, employee news, and more.

Additional Information about Walmart One:

  • A separate log in portal exists for Walmart ASDA and Walmart China employees who can access their profiles by visiting those websites
  • Walmart’s social media sites can also be accessed from this website – links at the bottom of the page can direct you to social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and more
  • If a different language is required to view this website, this can be changed by selecting the language drop down box located at the top right corner of the site