Educational – Arieli Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Activation

Arieli Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Activation:

  • Arieli Mobile Prepaid plans are for USA based plans which are designed for travelers who are visiting the United States and will require a phone and data plan during their visit
  • These plans operate through T-Mobile’s mobile infrastructure which ensures users have a high quality carrier during their visit to the United States as well as fast data capabilities
  • You will receive a SIM card by mail which will be necessary to use the service – shipping can be set up so that the card arrives prior to your departure to make sure everything is in place
  • To activate your SIM card you will need to visit the activation page and provide the requested information which includes the 19 digit SIM card number and your email address

Traveling abroad can be fun and exciting but in our ever connected society it also comes with a fear of being off the grid so to speak.  Many travelers have found themselves with plans which are not recognized in foreign locations, or in other cases, they use their plan just to find that the foreign fees cost an arm and a leg.  Arieli Mobile provides prepaid plans for travelers coming to the United States which allow them to purchase voice, text and data plans which will suit their requirements for their time abroad.  Plans are based on the amount of data needed for the plan.  Once the plan has been selected and activated, users will have 30 or 60 days to use their plan depending on the selection they made at the time of purchase.

Additional Information About Arieli Mobile Activation:

  • When activating your new card it is important to use the email address you used when purchasing the plan – the SIM number and your email will be synced
  • Once your card is activated it can be used in a compatible device for the duration of the plan