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MyTHDHR Your Schedule

  • Allows approximately 300,000 Home Dept associates can access their schedule online
  • The service can be accessed from home or work
  • Time, attendance, and salary information is also available through the mythdhr your schedule services
  • The Home Depot offers two ways in which an employee can receive their pay check with the preferred option being direct deposit
  • Please note tax information is not available at this time (BUT  employees can view and print historical pay statements and tax statements according to the fine print)

Home Deport employees are allowed to have their pay check sent via direct deposit in all 50 states and they will receive their pay check every payday by 10:00 a.m. EST, even if it is a day off.  Please note the employee must have a valid bank account or a prepaid Citi MasterCard Payroll Card.  With the prepaid Citi MasterCard Payroll Card the Home Depot employees pay check is “loaded” onto the card and can be used like a debit card until the funds are exhausted.  Each pay period will result in additional payment via the selected method by the employee.

What on earth is the prepaid Citi MasterCard Payroll Card?

  • A way for Home Depot employees to get PAID without having a bank account (usually designed for poor people)
  • The card is touted as safer than a bank as it is protected by “Zero Liability” fraud protection
  • Card holders can manage and track Citi MasterCard Payroll Card spending online or by phone
  • Balance updated can be obtained at anytime via the web, smart phone, email and ATMs (the ATM should provide the option to receive a printed balance)

It should be noted that the Citi payroll card  is not an option for Home Depot employees living in the state of New York or the country of Canada and is NOT a credit card.


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