Financial Sweeps – Publisher Clearing House Bill Payment and Login

Publisher Clearing House Bill Payment and Login:

  • Consumers can visit this website to begin the bill payment process for Publishers Clearing House
  • In order to access your bill you will need to provide your Customer ID and Zip Code prior to logging in
  • Your customer ID is an 11 digit ID and this can be found on the billing statement you received from PCH
  • Once you have signed in using the above information you can access your bill and manage payment options

Publishers Clearing House is a direct marketing company that provides costumers with many opportunities for discounted purchases as well as opportunities for big winnings.  We have all seen the commercials of people being surprised at home with a giant check – Publishers Clearing House is famous, in part, for doing this.  For more information about opportunities to win in PCH drawings you can visit their main website which is linked from the payment page.

Additional Information about PCH and PCH Payments:

  • PCH uses a secure sign in with encryption so customers identities are protected throughout the payment process
  • Customers can also visit this site to navigate to the main PCH Page, the PCH Search Page, or the PCH Lotto Page


1 (800) 459-4724