Educational Tech – USPS Redelivery Service For Missed Deliveries

USPS Redelivery Service For Missed Deliveries:

  • If you have missed a delivery of a letter, package, or other parcel which was to be delivered by the United States Postal Service you can visit this website to schedule redelivery
  • Redelivery can be made for the same day if the request is submitted by 2AM CST and day of the week except for Sunday – typical mail services are not available on Sundays
  • To start the redelivery process you will need to provide the address of the mail destination – this would be your home address if this if where the package was to be delivered
  • Once you fill our the form with your address, you will be notified whether or not redelivery scheduling is available for your address

The United States Postal Service is one of the most known and used aspects of our government.  Many people often take it for granted that you can send a letter anywhere in the United States for mere cents.  The USPS (United States Postal Service) does more than deliver simple letters.  Often times, the deliveries include packages or letters which require confirmation of receipt – this means that you have to be available at the time of delivery to receive the item.  Other times there may be a mix up with the destination address.  In any of these circumstances, US residents who are expecting a delivery can visit this website to find where their package is and how to retrieve it.  Often redelivery is available but if not you can also visit your local post office to pick up your delivery.

Additional Information about USPS Redelivery Services:

  • In addition to providing your address, you can also provide your article number or your expected date of delivery in order to retrieve the package information
  • Users of this platform can select the date they would like to have the package redelivered if this service is available to their location


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