Educational – My Meritain Health and Wellness Programs

My Meritain Health and Wellness Programs:

  • Meritain Health is a subsidiary of Aetna which provides additional support and resources for clients who are enrolled with their programs for a healthy lifestyle
  • If you are already enrolled with Meritain Health you can navigate to the login page and access your account by providing your registered username and password
  • If you have not yet enrolled with Meritain, you can visit the registration page to begin the process – to get started you will need to have your Group ID available at time of registration
  • Members, employers, providers and producers can all visit specific pages which provide them with resources based on their role in the healthcare system

As health care continues to be a hot topic in our country it is perhaps more important now than ever before to be thinking about what we can do to improve our health.  Many resources are often available through our insurance providers or employers.  Meritain Health is a company which promotes daily wellness by providing consumers with information regarding their healthcare and things they can do everyday which can make a big difference in their overall health.

If you are already a member you can use this website to access online tools which provide you with your benefit information anytime you need to access.  You can also participate in wellness information programs and news which will keep you up to date and in control of your health.

Additional Information about My Meritain:

  • Employers can visit this website to learn about the benefits of providing employees with additional health resources
  • Healthcare Providers also learn about ways of becoming associated with a program such as this as a method to increase their patient base
  • If you have forgotten your username used to log in to your account you will need to retrieve you group ID to recover your username