Educational Tech – Pay Stub Portal Employee Login Page

Pay Stub Portal Employee Login Page:

  • Employees visiting this webpage for the first time will be unable to access their accounts until they have completed the registration process for the Pay Stub Portal website
  • For new users, you can visit the registration link found on the main portal homepage where you will be able to initiate your registration process – your Employer Code is required
  • For users who have previously registered simply provide your employer code, your employee ID, and your PIN number in the requested fields to complete the sign in process
  • Once you have signed in to your account you will have access to the features and settings managed by your employer through the Pay Stub Portal website

Many employers and large businesses are attempting to provide additional resources to employees to allow access to commonly needed employment related items such as your paycheck information.  This website is used by many businesses as a way to allow access to these important documents to employees at any time – access is based on have the proper credentials and would not necessarily have to be completed on a work network like some companies require for these types of information.

If you employer uses this services but you do not have an account you will need to contact your employer in order to get your employer ID.  A new account cannot be created unless you have this information as this is what allows the service to recognize the proper company your account will pertain to.

Additional Information about Pay Stub Portal Employee Login:

  • If you have misplaced your Personal User ID (used for sign in) or have forgotten your PIN you can retrieve this information but will need your Employer Code to do so
  • This website can be viewed through any compatible browser connected to the internet such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome