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Health Stream HLC Prime

  • Allows access to Health Stream online to manage your account and account settings
  • Requires a Health Stream User ID and password which must be synced to your account with Health Stream HLC Prime
  • The provided software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are used by healthcare employees in the U.S. for training & learning management, talent management, performance assessment, credentialing, and managing simulation-based training programs
  • Prices are based on the size of the firm and how many employees will be using the software – this will be evaluated at a case by case basis
  • Health Stream was founded in 1990 and has over 800 employees helping health care companies meet and exceed their goals

Once your account has been set up, users can login to their account using a web browser and an active internet connection.  If your account password has been forgotten or lost you can reset your password at this website as well.  You will need to provide your email address or your user ID in order to begin the password reset process.  You can also provide your user ID in order to receive a password reminder which may be able to circumvent resetting the password associated with your account.  Health Stream is headquartered at 209 10th Avenue South Suite 450 Nashville, TN 37203 and can be reached by phone at 615-301-3100 (corporate number).  Besides the HQ in Nashville the firm also has locations in Brentwood, Tennessee | Jericho, New York | Laurel, Maryland | Pensacola, Florida.

Health Stream is a private firm and caters to multi-facility healthcare systems as well as large hospitals across the United States with no plans for expansion into foreign destinations at this time.  Health Steam offers classes and training for OSHA regulatory courses, continuing medical information, and other courses and classes for hospital employees to meet the needs required by their workforces.

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