Educational – UPS My Choice Tracking and Delivery Activation

UPS My Choice Tracking and Delivery Activation:

One of the challenges with delivery is that at times it can be difficult to schedule a delivery with your other obligations – the goal of UPS My Choice is to help customers better anticipate their delivery and manage their delivery and tracking options.  If you have set up a UPS My Choice Account you can log in using the sign in credentials you made when you set up your account and activate your account to have immediate access to your My Choice Account options.  The My Choice Account features who unique service options which include a free service and a premium (paid for service).  Both allow you to have flexibility with your delivery option such as estimated delivery times and authorization to release packages at delivery.  The premium service provides additional options such as having your package delivered on a different day or delivery the package to a different address.

Additional Details Regarding The UPS My Choice Account and Activation:

  • Once your account has been verified and activated you will have access to the My Choice Delivery options to help you anticipate and coordinate your package delivery
  • Some of the options provided include the ability to have your package authorized for delivery regardless if you are there to receive the package or changing the delivery to will call which will allow you to pick up your package at a UPS customer center
  • The premium for pay services include changing your delivery day, changing your delivery address, upgrading to SurePost packaging, and having a confirmed delivery window time provide for your delivery

Your My Choice Account can be accessed using the email you registered during sign up or your user ID along with the password you created.  Once you are in your account you can manage delivery options for any outstanding UPS deliveries you may have.  If you have many deliveries to you home or business with UPS (or even if you only receive delivery infrequently) the My Choice account services can be a good option to allow consumers to better manage their delivery shipments.


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