Educational – Canon Product Setup and Operating Information

Canon Product Setup and Operating Information:

If you have recently purchased or otherwise received a new Canon Product you may be directed to the setup page which can help guide you through the process of getting your new device up and running.  While it can be difficult at times to figure out how to get your device set up and running, it often helps to have resources which provide additional details regarding the setup and installation of your new device.  When you visit the setup page the first step will be deciding if you are looking for set up directions or simply looking to review your product manual.  Both of these links are available for consumers to review and if you select the product manual link you will be guided through a process which will allow you to select which portion of the manual you would like to view through your browser.

Details Regarding Canon Product Setup and Installation Website:

  • When you select the setup link you will be directed to the product selection page where you will first need to pick the first two letters of your product name and then the specific product you have
  • Once you find your product name and number you will then be directed to the setup page which will guide your through the process – the first step may require you to connect your device to the computer you intend to link to the device
  • In addition to installation directions, you will also be able to review additional features of your device such as wireless printing capabilities, scanning features, and abilities to link with the cloud

Installing a new electronic device can be a daunting task but Canon makes this process much easier by using their online installation setup website.  All you will need to begin the process is the device you wish to install along with the device name (this can be found on the device and is a combination of letters and numbers).  From there you will be guided through the installation process until your device is ready for use.