Coupons Educational – AARP Membership Advantages Information

AARP Membership Advantages Information:

  • AARP Members can explore membership advantages available through AARP such as travel, insurance, shopping and entertainment
  • Current AARP members can log in to their account to view their online profile through AARP while exploring the offers and deals currently available
  • Using your location, members can find deals which are tailored to their city of choice allowing AARP to find local advantages and deals
  • This website is not operated by AARP – the companies which sponsor and provide AARP benefits are responsible for running this website

AARP is a membership based organization which provides members information, benefits, and a monthly magazine.  If you are a current AARP member, you can visit this website to learn more about offers which are made available through the companies which sponsor AARP.  Many of the offers made available through AARP are about enjoying life – AARP is primarily an organization meant for adults near retirement age.

Members of AARP can find offers for travel advantages such as hotel and rental car deals.  In addition, to travel offers, members can also find information for local entertainment options such as dinner and a show.  Many of the advertised deals on this website focus on travel, entertainment, and shopping – however – you can also find information about insurance offers including life insurance, health insurance, property insurance and business insurance needs.

Additional Information About AARP Advantages:

  • Members of AARP can register with their email address to have notifications sent to them alerting them of new offers and advantages available through AARP
  • Becoming a members requires sign up as well as a yearly fee – the yearly fee is approximately $16 and includes all of the benefits offered by AARP
  • If you have previously been an AARP member, past memberships can be renewed and reactivated to begin to enjoy the features provided by AARP