Educational – New Jersey Courts Traffic Ticket Payment

New Jersey Courts Traffic Ticket Payment:

  • Residents of New Jersey who have received traffic ticket violations can in some cases make their payments online through the main New Jersey Municipal Court Website
  • You will need the information found on the ticket you received in order to complete the payment process online – it is important that you retain your ticket so that payment can be made
  • Payments can be made online through the NJMC website 7 days a week but there are operating hours which can be viewed on the left side of the webpage outlining when payments can be made
  • If you do not have your ticket or cannot determine your ticket number you can use the search function on the website to attempt to look up the violation so that payment can be made

If you have been fined/ticketed for violating a NJ traffic or parking regulation you can visit the NJMC payment site to issue payment for your ticket.  It is very important to make payment for these types of violations or further action may be taken which may turn a small fine in to a much larger legal hassle.  To begin the payment process you will need to provide the Court ID, the Ticket Prefix, and the Ticket Number – all of these items can be found on the original ticket you received.  In addition to this information, you will also need to provide the vehicle license plate number.

More Details Regarding the NJMC Ticket Payment Process:

  • Once you have provided all of the necessary information found on your ticket you can then proceed to the payment process and elect how you would like to make payment
  • If you need help finding the information needed to submit a payment you can click on the sample ticket graphics which will show you where the necessary information can be found on your ticket