Lawsuit – Apple IOS App Settlement Information

Apple IOS App Settlement Information:

  • Consumers who may be part of the Apple IOS settlement can visit the main settlement page to learn about who is part of the class and how to begin the claim process if eligible
  • This lawsuit is in regards to allegations that certain Apple Apps collected user information beyond what was described in the terms of service and privacy rights for those apps
  • Apps affected by this lawsuit include certain versions of Twitter, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Gowalla, Instagram, Kik, Path, and Yelp – past use of these apps may result in inclusion to the settlement
  • Apple and the App Developers have denied any wrongdoing and deny any relief is necessary however settlement purposes to qualify this as a class action suit

Apple devices are one of the most well known electronics in the United States today – known best for their iPhone and iPad devices as well as their computers.  The IOS App Settlement is in response to consumer complaints regarding the collection of data which violated privacy rights of the users of certain apps.  To see if you qualify for this settlement you will need to determine if you were using one of the affected apps and also the version of the app that is included in this settlement.

Claims can be filed online by following the claim filing link on the main settlement page.  You can select one of two options – filing a claim using the claim number you have received or by filing a claim using a registered Twitter handle.  Claims must be filed by November 10th, 2017.

More Details Regarding The IOS App Settlement:

  • Devices affected inlcude the iPhone, the iPad and iPod Touch which could have had the affected apps on them
  • This settlement regards the privacy claims agaist Apple and Application Developers but does not relate to the misrepresentation claims against Apple