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New York Juror Qualify

  • Determine your eligibility for jury duty in New York State
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Determine jury eligibility quickly and easily online

Part of performing one’s civic duty involves participating in jury duty. Sure, it can be a headache and it certainly takes up a fair amount of time, but there’s something to be said for helping to make the justice system operate at its potential—even if the help in question is of the mandatory variety. The process for participating in jury duty is similar across the U.S. In New York, for example, folks can be summoned to participate, but first they must make sure they are eligible. Now the state is making it easy to determine eligibility by offering an online form that lets folks know in just a few minutes if they are indeed eligible to serve on a jury. Completing the questionnaire is the first step to fulfilling your civic responsibilities to the state of New York.

How to take the juror qualification questionnaire

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the promotional site (see below)
  • Fill out the requisites personal info the text fields
  • Enter your address, zip code and county of residence
  • Click “Continue”
  • Answer the questions when prompted

Upon completion of the online questionnaire, the system will determine the person’s eligibility. Having said that, not all questionnaires can be taken online. For example, anyone who receives a paper questionnaire in the mail must physically fill it out and enter their juror index number online. The link for anyone who has received a paper questionnaire can be found at the promotional site.

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