Financial – Orange County eJuror Online Services

OCCourts eJuror:

  • Provides a variety of information online in regards to being a juror in Orange County California
  • The most popular services include the ability to access the a juror application and respond to a summons
  • Users will need their Juror ID number and date of birth in order to access the service
  • Users will also have to complete a short juror questionnaire and confirm the information provided before full access is granted
  • Any questions about the OCCourts eJuror service can be directed to 700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, CA 92701

Potential jurors who need to request to be excused, exempted, or disqualified for personal reason can do so from the account landing page.  Anyone making such a request should receive a response within 10 mailing days.  Being a juror is part of the responsibility of all United States Citizens so it is important to participate in the process if you are able.  There are laws which require employers to allow employees to participate in jury duty if they are selected to participate in duty for a jury.

Reasons a person can be disqualified from the Orange County Juror process?

  • Not a Citizen of the United States (illegal Mexican most likely)
  • Under 18 years of age
  • Not a Resident of Orange County (may be a former resident of the OC and simply forgot to update their address with the state)
  • Insufficient knowledge of the English language (i.e. only speaks Spanish)
  • Convicted of a Felony or Malfeasance in Office (or in jail)
  • Currently serving or will be serving as a Grand or Trial Juror
  • Subject of a Conservatorship

People looking to make up an excuse as a reason not to serve as a juror may be fined.  Any questions about the above policies can be directed to 657-622-7000 Monday to Friday 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.