Educational – Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space:

  • Customize a project anyway you would like with Cricut Design Space
  • Choose from hundreds of projects across a wide variety of categories to meet your specific needs
  • Print and cut your own designs with the Cricut Explore Air wireless system
  • When visiting the site you will be prompted to download and setup the Design Space plugin

The days of crafting at home with nothing more than construction paper and plastic scissors are long gone. Now there are more options than ever for the home project designer, and they involve harnessing the power of the World Wide Web. No website today offers a more comprehensive design experience than Cricut Design Space. This site provides countless options for design projects, from fashion and home décor ideas to photo albums and kids crafting projects. There are design ideas for workers and students alike, and a host of options for great party decorations. Those who want to upload their own images for use with their project can do so via Cricut Design Space, or visitors can choose from one of the many stock photos on hand, which start at just $0.99 each.

Cricut Design Space is ideal for making:

  • Thank you cards
  • Birthday decorations
  • Smartphone covers
  • Invitations
  • Party favors
  • School projects

And those who want to get in on the 3-D printing trend can do so with the Cricut Explor Air design system. This wireless machine, used in conjunction with the data stores on Cricut Design Space, can print out any design the user has in his or her head, and it can do so on a number of materials besides paper, including felt. Anything created on Cricut Design Space is stored on a cloud server, so folks can sleep soundly knowing that design they’ve worked so hard on is fully protected.

Contacting Cricut

  • 801-769-8751