Educational – Progressive Insurance Quoting Webpage

Progressive Insurance Quoting Webpage:

  • Consumers may have received a mailer advertising Progressive Auto Insurance for as low as $59 per month – interested individuals can visit this page to begin their personalized quote
  • To begin the process you will first be asked to provide your zip code and the type of insurance – you can also adjust the price gauge located above these fields to your desired per month price
  • Once you have completed this page you will then be directed to a second portion of the process which will collect information to make a quote which is personalized for you
  • Insurance companies use a variety of methods for determining monthly costs including factors such as your credit score/history, your driving history, and your insurance claim history

Progressive Insurance has become popular for their iconic commercials and as well as their value pricing and quality service.  Many customers report savings upon switching to Progressive but it is important to remember that insurance companies use a variety of methods to determine an individuals monthly premium so until you receive a personalized quote from any given company, it is difficult to know if you will find savings.  With that said, Progressive reports that members who have switched have saved over $600 on average.

There are several tips that can help reduce the cost of your insurance premiums which should be exercised throughout life.  For instance, maintaining a strong credit history is important as well as maintaining a clean driving history.  These two factors account for a significant piece of the information used to determine a persons monthly premium.

Additional Information about Progressive Insurance:

  • Progressive Insurance allows customers to manage features such as paperless billing, selecting your payment due date, and printable ID cards
  • Requesting a quote does not cost the consumer any money, this is a free service which will take approximately six minutes to complete