Educational Tech – United Healthcare Employer eServices Benefits Login

United Healthcare Employer eServices Benefits Login:

  • Employers who use United Healthcare can visit this website to access their benefit plan account and manage their benefit plan settings and profile
  • This suite of online tools is designed to save employers time in that they can update their employee health insurance information simply by accessing their account online
  • Services such as paperless billing, invoice management (add and remove employees on plan), benefit options information, and management plan payments
  • In order to access your account you will need to provide your user ID and password – if you have forgotten either of these you can use your recovery email to reset/recover

United Healthcare is a major insurance company which employers use to provide health insurance benefits to their employees.  This portal is designed to simply the job of employers when managing their healthcare accounts.  One example of a service provided through this website is removing an employee from your health insurance plan.  If an employee has been terminated and is no longer a part of the plan you can remove them and expect an adjusted invoice within 48 hours of updating.

If this is your first time using the website or you are unfamiliar with how the website and your account function you can also visit the links to the tutorials and tips for the online employer management tools.  There is also a website demo available which provides a short video to learn about the features and how to use the functions of this website.

Additional Information about Employer eService Login:

  • Employer eService portal is compatible with internet connected, updated browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  • Employers can update employees to add or remove when necessary and search for employees by name
  • ID cards can be requested once logged in to your account if available for you plan at time of request