Financial – The Control Card Prepaid MasterCard

The Control Card Prepaid MasterCard:

  • If you have received your new Control Card from MasterCard and need to activate you card simply navigate to the activation link and provide your card number and security code
  • For members who have already set up and online account you can login by visiting the account login page and entering your previously registered username and password
  • For customers who are interested in ordering a new card you can begin the ordering process by entering your name and contact information and selecting how you would like to load you card
  • The Control Card is a prepaid debit card by MasterCard which does not require the standard credit checks which are required for credit cards and other lines of financing

Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their debt and better control their financial situations.  One popular way is by storing the credit cards in the sock drawer and turning to prepaid debit cards.  By using money which is available in your account you can be sure you will not be racking up debt which may then be subject to high interest fees.  The Control Card is one such card which allows consumers to make debit purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Another plus about prepaid debit cards such as the Control card is that you do not have to go through a credit check of your credit history.   This can be useful for individuals who may have less than perfect credit and would not otherwise be eligible for a credit card.

Still Looking For More Information about the Control Card by MasterCard?

  • Automatic deposits can be set up to your card for sources such as your paycheck or government payments
  • This card has a monthly fee associated with your account which can be reduced when you sign up for automatic deposits over a set threshold
  • You can access you account information online including balance and transaction history when you set up and register your online account