Financial – First Tennessee Bank Companion Card

First Tennessee Bank Companion Card:

  • The Tennessee Bank Companion Card is available to consumers as a re-loadable prepaid card which can be purchased through the main Companion Card webpage with FTB
  • If you are purchasing a card for the first time you can visit the purchase link and register you new card providing your identity verification information and selecting your shipping method
  • Registration for a new card will require thorough identity verification – you will need to select which form of government ID information you would like to apply to ensure ID verification
  • This card is available for purchase and registration by individuals who reside in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi – other states cannot purchase at this time

Re-loadable prepaid cards are one of the most popular financials tools these days as so many people are trying to avoid the dreaded four letter work – DEBT!  Prepaid cards such as the Companion Card from First Tennessee Bank works just like a debit card except it is not linked to your checking account directly.  Instead, funds are loaded on to the card as you see fit and money is available for spending only as is available on the card itself.

During the registration/purchase process you will have the choice to add funds to your card and select how you would like to add your funds.  You will be able to select an amount up to $3,000 to load on to your new card.

Need Even More Details Regarding The FTB Companion Card?

  • If you are already registered with the FTB Companion Card you can sign in using your username and password through the sign in field on the main page
  • Loading funds through a teller (at a bank) includes a $2 convenience fee however cardholders can enjoy no fees when funds are loaded online