Educational – Consumer Reports Print Subscription Account Access

Consumer Reports Print Subscription Account Access:

  • Consumers Reports is a very popular publication which provides consumers with information regarding the products, services, and activities available to people
  • If you have a Consumer Reports on Health subscription you can visit the main log in page to access the the print subscription online which is available through your subscription
  • In order to access your account you will need to enter the last name associated with the account, the account number and the security code associated with the account
  • Once you have provided the above information you can then select the continue link which will proceed with your account access to provide you with your Consumer Report print

Consumer Reports is perhaps the most respected name when it comes to protecting consumers and providing consumers with some of the most important reports about the products they use.  Product reviews are available for thousands of consumer products to provide possible buyers with an unbiased review of the potential item they may be purchasing.  Types of products reviews include appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators, electronics such as televisions and laptops, and health reviews on products such as sunscreens and supplements.

If you are having trouble finding the information you need to log in it is recommended that you find your latest copy of the publication.  Your account number will appear on all of the mailing labels of previous copies you have received during your subscription.

More Details Regarding Consumer Reports On Health Print Subscription Access:

  • If you are having issues locating your account number you can use the graphic on the main page which shows an example of where you can find your account information on your mail label
  • Your last name must be entered exactly as it appears on your mail label and the security code must be entered which is randomly generated each time your visit the log in page