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Kansas Department of Labor Benefits:

  • Kansas residents who are seeking unemployment benefits or information about unemployment benefits can visit the mage benefits homepage to access their account or find info they require
  • To access an existing account you can visit the sign on link on the main benefits page where you will be directed to a page to provide your username, password and you PIN number
  • Users of the Kansas Benefits website can access associated forms such as Healthcare Provider Certification and Reemployment Plan forms which are available as PDFs when you follow the link
  • To find more information about your specific benefits you can use the benefits calculator which is found on the main homepage which will ask for information regarding earnings

Unemployment benefits are provided to former employees who are eligible for the benefits in times of unemployment.  For full information about eligibility requirements, you can review your specific circumstances to see if they meet the requirements to receive unemployment benefits through the Kansas Department of Labor.  The goal of unemployment benefits is to provide temporary access to financial assistance during your job search.  Resources for finding new jobs and creating plans to become employed once again are available through the Kansas Benefits Website to assist job hunters in their search.

More Details Regarding the Kansas Unemployment Benefits Website:

  • If you are creating an account for the first time you will need to provide information such as  your social security number and create a username, password, and PIN number
  • In the frequently asked questions page you can find information regarding how to file weekly claims, information about your payment options, and how to set up a new claim
  • For information regarding unemployment fraud you can visit the main link for this top which will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about fraud


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